Making the Difference One Liter at a Time

Providing Glycol and Solvent Recycling Solutions

Clear GSI in Stettler, AB has been putting glycol in good use for more than six years. We are the only business in the field that collects used glycol and solvents used by various industrial companies. These are recycled by our professionals and are put for sale to utilize its potential fully.

Valhalla Filtration

With our experience and the Valhalla Filtration program, we can solve dehy problems of various industrial plants. We follow the “reduce, remove, and restore” process of the program and sell the reclaimed glycol at a lesser price.

What We Do

We are capable of performing system diagnoses, as well as technical advice and awareness on what actions can be taken to resolve your process issues. Read more about our services.

Testing Diagnostics

Our team has extensive knowledge of all glycol systems. We can perform off-site and on-site system diagnoses for companies.

Draining, Flushing, and Refill

Our technicians perform on-site services for your company, such as draining, flushing, purging, and filtering glycol and other solvents.

Glycol Sales

Clear Glycol specializes in the life cycle of glycol from manufacturing, to collecting and fully recycling waste glycols to new spec – nobody knows glycol like Clear GSI.

Amine and Solvent Systems

We can do online and batch filtration for your equipment. Aside from that, we can also conduct off-site solvent reclaiming.

Contact Us

Don’t hastily dispose used glycol. Instead, put them into good use while earning money from it! Reach out to our team today to schedule a diagnosis!